Extended Family Do You have a Fenflyer Labrador Puppy or Dog, If so please email us and we will be happy to add you to our extended family. OUR EXTENDED FAMILY Tilly is from the litter in May 08 and is the heart of our family, as we have no children yet, she is a substitute grandchild for our parents and she is our baby. She is happy and excited all the time, so much fun to be around and so loyal, she often bumps into the back of my legs as she follows us everywhere. She is so gentle and loving  to everyone but also very cheeky. She is a joy, thank you! Best wishes Suzie and Matt Warby Jasper's mum is Pip and his dad is Peter, and he was born in May 2003. His litter was originally supposed to go to America to become  bomb sniffer dogs (via Julie in Leeds), so luckily for us they didn't go! We got him from you when you were still down in Diddington, and before we were married (I was Lisa MacDonald then.) Since we got Jasper, we've got married and had  three kids (the newest baby is 6 weeks old now.) He's a wonderful dog and is so fantastic with the kids.  He's patient beyond belief and puts up with a lot from little hands! When I was pregnant, he followed me everywhere with a very concerned expression on his face. Even now, he always comes over to have a look at the baby if she cries.  We have friends with kids who are scared of dogs, but all of them are absolutely fine with Jasper. He was so easy to train and has always been affectionate and friendly. He's a lovely,  lovely dog and we can't remember what life was like before we got him. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful member of the Durbin family! Rosie (Fenflyer Clarksons speedy) and Monty (Fenflyer Born to be Bold) who were born on 30 July this year.  They are fantastic dogs, well behaved and a joy to be with. Monty loves to swim and fetch balls thrown for him, Rosie is so switched-on and really intelligent. Mandy and Ian Robinson Barley Charlie Alfie has been a dream puppy, house training was a breeze, thanks to you, only a handful of accidents, he sits and fetchs and is always aiming to please Travis owned by James Leitch Sadie is a daughter of Meg and is currently owned by Lisa and Stu Mattingley Lily continues to do really well and although she is really good in the house and at training classes she loves to play and is currantly being very naughty on walks running after anything on 4 legs and then coming back saying ' who me?' We regularly meet 2 people doing gun dog training with their dogs (two spainels and a black lab) and it always makes me think of Lily's roots. This is Percy at Christmas just over 5 months now he is growing really fast, he is a lovely dog and a very quick learner.  He had his first Christmas Holiday up in Yorkshire and loved every minute plenty of walking and jumping in puddles, he spends most of his time of his lead in Yorkshire he just follows our older dog around, and he likes riding on the steam trains.  Our older dog Sid took to him very well and certainly put more live into him he has been a good trainer for Percy. He is very affectionate and loves plenty of fuss and cuddles, everybody knows him at home in Bishops Stortford and in Grosmont in Yorkshire. Bridget & Barry Simmons  & not forgetting Sid & Percy What can I say she is a carbon copy of her Dad Ben, full of love all the time! I couldn't be with out her and we have just moved to a larger house and Issy now has a bigger garden to show off in and she knows how to show off! I don't know what you do with them but can't say I know any other dogs so FANTASTIC to be around ...... weakening for my next one, so watch this space for the next picture Sasha is getting on so well and has really taken to training. She's won her first rosette for 2nd place in a local show for prettiest bitch, got her GCD scheme puppy foundation and will be doing her bronze award before christmas. We absolutely love her to bits and yes I sound like a proud parent!! She's 8 months now, continues to get bigger although we still call her a puppy!! I'm Skye and I live in Derby. My posh name is Fenflyer Ring of Gold, and I do fly when I go for a retrieve. My owner, Marilyn, started training me at Dove Valley Working Gundog Club, when I was not much more than three months. I got my first award, a third in Special Puppy working test, at just over seven months, and finished my puppy training this year with a first in my class, and an award for the most improved puppy. Next year I am going to win everything, I hope, and make Mr and Mrs Abbs, and my owners even more proud of me. I'm doing far better than those silly Springers my master has. Arrived at my new home very hungry, well it's a long journey from my old home to Derby. Mistress is kind and I found one of my older cousins (Skye) there. Not sure about the two mad Springers, but they seem harmless Oscar is an amazing dog, he is a loving and a fidel companion. When we first had him he was 10 weeks old and he was very shy but now he is 4 months old and he is very confidante. Oscar has been very easy to train, he was house trained after 4 weeks and slept downstairs without crying on his first night and he's never been car sick. We take him to puppies' class every weeks and he is now able to respond to various commands. Oscar is so gentle and never bark, his only dark side is his ove for foods he would do anything for a treat and we found it so funny how quickly he can eat his foods. Thank you very much for breeding such a lovely breed, we could not ask >for a better dog.   He is our pride and joy and a wonderful addition to the family, we would love to see him on your website along with the other beautiful dogs you have produced. Guinness is now 1 and the talk of the field where we walk him due to his shiny coat, he has a few brothers in the area that we see each day and they are all a credit to you! Thanks a million. Shell, Andrew, Lauren (Guinness) Lily is doing really well and is a star at our puppy training classes, (even though we've only had 2 so far!) Her favourite dog is a 9 year old chocolate lab who she has weekly play sessions with. These photos were taken on Friday when she was exactly 12 weeks old. Amazingly my sister knows someone over in Watford who has one of her sisters, Molly, hopefully we can meet in the park one day.  We are very proud of Lily and so should you be she is a beautiful dog with a lovely temperament. Feel free to use the photos on your new website if you want, all the best    Sarah Wood and family. George is still the most adorable dog in the world!!!! He is so calm and contnted. He is very best friends with Jet who is training him beautifully. He follows Jet everywhere and they play for hours together even curling up on the sofa bed next to each other now. He is still car sick but we keep persevering, and he has had trips to Sandringham to meet Prince Charle and Camilla. He also loves the sea and enjoys his trips to East Runton beach we even take a picnic of biscuits for him!!! He is growing rapidly and trying to steal everything too, so naughty!!! but knows leave and give now. He is a fast learner. I am trying to teach him down this week.   Sidney Braken Toby